This brief is for founders looking to work with the newsletter for a sponsored long-form collaboration.

**We are not KOLs.

Please do not contact us to endorse your tokens. We do not charge for tweets.**

The Blog In Numbers

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About Us - is our interface to share timely research that helps senior management at some of the largest organizations in the industry position themselves for change.

Our content is made to drive decisions & action. We trade virality for depth. This is by design, as the end goal is not to drive clicks but to communicate with and invest in early-stage technology firms with the potential for growth in emergent themes.

We are not capital allocators with third-party money. The blog is owned privately and plans to stay bootstrapped. We design communities & drive research to enable venture builders. We do not dumb down our content beyond what is needed. We write for founders, the VCs that can back them, and the mix of start-ups they hope to compete with.

Sponsored Deep dives

Sponsored deep dives educate our community of founders , analysts and VCs about an emergent opportunity. These include thematic coverages on a sector or a late-stage organisation. Writing a deep dive on a firm requires access to their CXOs for us to do our due diligence. A sponsored deep dive on the blog would involve the following.

Please note the following pointers before you contact us for a deep dive:

  1. retains editorial rights over the article sent to the audience. We cannot depict your competition negatively or offer undue praise for ventures working with us. The deep dives are a mechanism for an independent third party to assess a business and offer feedback and critique to the business.